Why Hemlock? Beauty, strength,
workability, abundance.


The beauty your customers are looking for

Warm and lustrous. A fine-textured straight even grain. Little difference between heart wood and sap wood. Uniform color ranging from creamy white to light gold. Stained or painted, hemlock door and window components are a premium choice when looks matter.

The chameleon of woods

As beautiful as it is naturally, Hemlock is renowned for its ability to look like other woods. Free of pitch and resin, Hemlock accepts stains and other finishes exceptionally well with little risk of ‘bleeding’ through the finished surface. If your customers want the look of exotic wood without the expense, Hemlock is a great choice.

Strength and Workability

“High performance” that your customers demand

The luxury of great window and door components is not just in their beauty but also in the “feel”:  windows and doors that slide, swing and shut smoothly--with ease. That takes great wood - wood like hemlock that can be machined with great precision, glues well, holds screws and nails well, rarely checks and is resistant to decay.

Strength for components that last a lifetime

Among the hardest of softwoods, hemlock resists marring, chipping and scratching. It has high bending strength, shearing strength and stiffness.  In fact its strength and milling attributes compare very favorably with Douglas fir – at a significant savings. And hemlock is a safe choice because it accepts fire retardant so well.


Sustainable practices mean an assured supply

Hemlock comprises approximately 60% of British Columbia’s coastal rain forest. British Columbia has one of the most vigorous set of environmental protection standards in the world. This means these great forests are carefully managed and continually renewed. Sustainable harvesting practices and fast regeneration mean that you and your customers can be sure of an ample an assured supply of Pacific Coast Hemlock for many generations to come.

Environmental Commitment

Our suppliers’ timberland operations and sawmills are ISO 14001 certified, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems. Chain of Custody (CoC) procedures that conform to CSA Plus 1163 are in place to enable tracking of final products to their original forest.


Hemlock is the
Pacific Northwest’s
best kept secret.

To those who know the many attributes of hemlock, the fact that it is little known (and less used) outside of the Pacific Northwest and western Canada is a bit of a wonder.  But with attributes of eye appeal, adaptability, strength, toughness and abundance that exceed those of more popular pine —and that compare very favorably with higher-priced Douglas fir, hemlock likely won’t stay a secret for much longer.


Click the link below to view a comparison of Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Pine.

Hem-Fir, Douglas Fir, Pine